Fake Dog Poo (?)

Fake Dog Poop

Fake Dog Poop Prank and Gag Gift

These beautiful fake dog poop specimens look just like the real thing. Made in the USA by the Two Assmen, this dog poop is a high–quality product unlike those cheap rubber molded ones coming from China.

fake dog poo

Get plenty of laughs fooling your family and friends. They will be going ape–shit when they think that the dog just shat on their living room floor. Better yet, spruce the poo up with some Liquid ASS and watch them gag.

No two of our Fake Dog Poops are alike. They are hand–crafted, so that though most are similar in shape, each is unique. They are bigger in size than those at Brown Fido.

Our Fake Dog Poo is another high–quality, effective, harmless gag gift brought to you by the Assmen.

Who shat?

New! — Fake Human Turd

OK boys! We squeezed this one out just for you. And it is sure to be the perfect centerpiece on your bosses desk! We think you will agree, our human turd is so real you'll want to pick the corn out of it. Spray this crap with Liquid ASS and you will really have everyone gagging and laughing. Our human turds come in unique shapes and colors. No two are alike.

Our human turd takes poop humor to the next level. Every time our wives see our creations, they say, "That's disgusting!"

Liquid ASS dog shit stink

Customer Testimonial

I'm a dog bather and kennel worker . . . so I know poop . . . and this looks real.

   — Meleas Man

What is Liquid ASS?

Liquid ASS is just that — authentic butt–crack stench in liquid form. Apply a few squirts on and around the fake dog poop. After 5–10 minutes, the Liquid ASS takes off and produces an intense, long–lasting shit smell. People's rection to the visual shock and olfactory horror caused by your foul–smelling, real–looking dog poo will have you laughing 'til it hurts.

You can purchase Liquid ASS for as low as $3.78 per bottle. Simply go to the Products page of our online store.

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