BARFume 9-Pack

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Nine (9) bottles of authentic PUKE smell in liquid form.

Remember all those trips to King’s Island when you where a kid? Remember when you went with your buddy Dave? Remember Dave splurging on all the good–tasting junk food at King’s Island? Remember on the way home when Dave suddenly opened the door and puked? Yeah, his aim was off and he hit the door. Remember that strong puke smell for the rest of the trip home? That smell is now available in a bottle — BARFume.

Product Description:

BARFume provides a powerful puke smell that can last hours.

The BARFume streaming tip bottle dispenses silently in a nearly clear liquid stream resulting in a powerful puke smell that can last hours. Apply BARFume to any surface. Simple application instructions are printed on the bottle.

The BARFume mister bottle provides a punch of instant PUKE smell. We recommend the mister bottle if you are not concerned about being discreet or if you are at a friend’s house.