Liquid Ass 6-Pack

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Six (6) bottles of our novelty stink spray with an authentic butt-crack smell!

Hello! You are buying a buttload of Liquid ASS! We’d really like to hear all about your prank when it’s done with. This is gonna be something else!

Product Description:

Liquid Ass provides a powerful stinky ass smell that can last hours.

Liquid ASS streams out silently in a nearly clear liquid. Apply Liquid ASS to any surface. Arrives with application instructions printed onto the bottle, please follow them. After that, your imagination is the limit!

A little goes a very long way, and this bottle can be used for many applications, yet is small enough to be used discreetly. They’ll never know what hit them.

Customer quote: “It combines both a bona fide turd smell with the gaseous effects of a noxious fart bomb.”