So I got this liquid ass streamer, i got like like the whole pack deal and of course i had to screw Walmart. I also grabbed me a jar of chunky brown peanut butter and headed straight to the bathroom with my liquid ass weapons in hand. I used the peanut butter along with a pair of drawers i took from the shelf and began my master plan. I began to smear the chunky peanut butter and even made hand prints all over the toilet and stall walls, I then smeared it all over the seat inside the toilit and inside the drawers then threw them on the floor IT LOOKED BAD!!! It totally looked like someone had a diarrhea attack from hell. I then opened up ALL of my liquid ass bottles and dumped them everywhere all over that stall and all over where i smeared peanut butter. The reaction....WAS PRICELESS!!! as i was doing it it smelled so bad i began to choke and gage, the smell was so overwhelming i heard people try to open the door to the bathroom and left gagging and i heard one guy yell OH GOD!!! I left right away and complained to the front desk that there was some disaster in the bathroom that was a emergency. I watched as they sent the janitor to clean it up and he could smell it before he even went inside!!!! HE COULDINT EVEN MAKE IT A STEP INSIDE THE BATHROOM AHAHAH!!! The smell was so terrible they even called the plumber!!!! thinking it was some sewage leak!! I can only imagine their faces as they open the stall and saw the horror i left inside. I watched from a different position and the plumber people were gagging and had to take breaks from the bathroom. This is by far the greatest thing on earth!!!

Well I got given a bottle from my friend and I was sitting in my little brothers car and I sprayed some...... for the first few seconds he thought I farted. then the smell came... he jumped out the car and demanded I get out and check my boxers he thought I had pooped my self. priceless me and my friend were in fits of laughter!

This stuff is great... I haven't tried it yet but a load of YouTuber's have and they seem to love pranking people with it, so I'm probably going to buy some of this soon :)

Just got done locking my workmate into a closet, then spraying it under the door with a syringe. He was laughing and puking at the same time. It REALLY smells like butthole.


Liquid Ass is the best thing money can buy. Worth it's weight in whatever thing you value most. The first time I used it was the Summer of 2011. I was at a house party and the cops came to break up the party and when the time was just right I unleashed about half of the bottle in their squad car. I know it left a bad taste in their mouths. The second time I used it I knew I was in love with this product. There was one too many people ahead of me walking the strip in Vegas and a large crowd of people decided to stop and watch some stupid street performers. I decided to perform a stunt of my own and saturate the thick bottoms of the costume one of these buffoons was wearing. Good luck getting tips now, Assfunk Streetclown.

It is the worst fart spray bravo

Had a bottle and accidently dumped in the lunch room in school. Cleared the whole place. Two detentions and school-wide fame resulted. Great product!

Before buying liquid ass I read the reviews online and laughed for hours. I purchased the sampler and waited gleefully for my little box of lethal smells to arrive. When my 6 bottles arrived, I unleashed a potpourri of toxic stench on a neighbour that wouldn't stop smoking depite building rules. Seeing her distraught with the terrible stench of diarrhea, butt
Crack and vomit brought so much satisfaction for the years she polluted my environment.

Thanks liquid ass for this amazing product and for enabling silent but deadly revenge.

I use Liquid Ass at work and have gotten great results. I work in a large factory with a locker room that everyone has to walk through to leave. I go in a few minutes before quitting time and spray it down real good. The reactions are priceless, one guy is convinced that it's cat shit. I even hear people the next week still talking about it, one guy said "I had to go home and take a shower to get that damn smell off of me"! I am hoping they come out with an automatic dispenser that is motion activated. I love this stuff!

Just recently bought liquid ass...sprayed a couple pumps from the mister and waited for a reaction from a co-worker.. Nothing! Was like wtf! Did a few more pumps... Nothing so another co-worker took it sat next to him sprayed it a few more times nothing! So then I asked him how he can stand such a horrible stench... He said ooo shit! I thought that was the other co-worker I didn't wanna be mean and say you smell like s***....it is by far the most foul smelling thing I've ever come across...Thank you liquid ass for entertainment for a slow work day!