A friend from school sprayed it on the teachers desk, we closed the door and windows and we needed to evacuate the room (the whole class) Even with the windows open the stink stayed on the desk, it didn't last the next day (as i'm aware). I recommend this product to all my friends.

I bought liquid ass as a joke. I brought it to school and sprayed it on one of the main staircases. Soon it was an empty staircase. The product was great although I almost got suspended and it was taken away. I would definetly buy it again.

This stuff has changed my life! The profoundly foul odor is as nausea inducing as any genuine emission to ever escape from the sphincter of my own arse and rivals even fresh cat shit!!!

I commute by bus daily and liquid ass has proven itself to be great for early morning laughs. The expressions of horrified disgust and exhortations of outright anger are nearly priceless!

Great stuff for at work as well. I've sprayed down several co-workers so far and haven't once been caught. I plan to go shopping later today and can't wait to enjoy the fun of watching how people react!

Sprayed this on a stall door in the bathroom of a restaurant. Wasn't long til about 2/3 of their customers simultaneously ran outside

My teenage son refused to clean up his filthy room. It smelled of armpits, dirty sweaty clothes, football stuff ect...You know, the usual teenage "stank soup". After yelling, threatening and more yelling for weeks, I decided ( with the help of my 18 yr old daughter) to employ " creative parenting". My daughter had spotted a product that smelled like " all be dames to hell and back again". After watching many videos of people gagging and damn near passing out over liquid ass, I promptly ordered my own bottle. I went into my sons room and sprayed about a quarter of the bottle all over the room and sealed his door shut. Well, well, well much to my delight he came out of his room like a bat out of hell screaming about something horrible in his room. I calmly told him " it ALWYS smells. He agreed that it my be slightly musty at times but NEVER like this...lol! I've never seen a teenager tear through a room stripping it and cleaning it the way that kid did...Thank you to liquid ass for saving a frustrated parent!

This is a fun fun prank to play I work in a casino and have made many people gag walking up and spraying backs of chairs. I have also tagged co-workers with it, my brother's girlfriend, and my oldest kid. My wife and I love the hours of fun this is brining.

I sprayed it when walking into our office and this stuff is straight up stank ass! the company called 3 plumbing companies in and they could never find the smell. I would lose my job if they ever found out.

Well it arrived... I opened the envelope and ran to get a glass jar to contain all the glory that was unleashed.

No bottles leaked nor was opened, the smell just oooozed through the containers.

We have been experimenting with the delivery process for distance and accuracy. Looking good. Practice shots have proven quite deadly and smelly. Should be able to deliver a unit up to a city block away.

This stuff is rank. Great payback.

I haeard for liquid ass on Bubba the love sponge years ago . went to Disney World in FL , stood in long lines and there was this pushyRed dot Indian lady in front of my kids and I , on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Being a man its hard to have a discussion with about the rude females, so just as we were seated on the ride i streamed this lady on here robe and her hair thing . She and her family were already stinky from the day but ….My kids saw the stream and quickly there after they started to check each other for misc smells and rattling off some other language sounded like clicks and pops . Usually on this ride i score big points shooting aliens but this time I almost fell off the ride . Laughing out loud and my girls watching this mess go on . Funny thing was after the ride the mother was sniffing the old lady for accidents while it was in here hair the whole time . honestly my children still laugh at the event ,and after the mess their mom created its healthly to see them laugh . Also strayed in flowers in downtown disney where people were wafting the smell of flowers so i streamed them and stood back as the next family tried to smell the flowers and the surprise on there face when it smelled like crap . they gaged and ran away . Great product worth every penny , never do I give this away its too much fun . Watch out in Florida i might be targeting you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to say I ordered nine bottles of Liquid ass about 2 years ago and it was an instant hit for me and some co-workers. I passed a few bottles out and I have never cried so hard with laughter using Liquid ass. I work in an auto factory here in Canada.
First time a used it, I sprayed it in a guys locker through the little air vents. The guy didn't know I did it but he was telling everyone to smell his locker. He thought some guys locker next to him had rotten fish in the locker. The smell last over 24 hrs in his locker. I told him a few days later, we laughed our asses off!!
I also sprayed my leader at work in the back of his ass on his jeans and I laughed my ass off so hard. He came back 30 mins later. He had to take his jeans off and he wore coveralls.
The best event, happened while working on the line.
My lift truck operator who brought me parts, keep FN around by throwing little rubber plugs, bolts etc. I warned him I would liquid ass him. He also fake a kick in my nuts but his foot actually grazed my right nut sack and I hit the ground. So when the time was right, I sprayed half a bottle on his seat. It wasn't even 30 seconds after he left that he flew of his lift truck and got in my face while I as working on the line. Long story short, we had a physical confrontation. I broke his glasses and the arm scratched his face. He kind of ripped my shirt. By him pushing me against a vehicle I big frame caved in the door of a vehicle on the line. 4 guys working ahead of me in a pit rushed up and broke up the fight. We never talk for over a year. But now the story of Liquid Ass comes up once in awhile lol. I never laughed so hard in my life. Thank you guys for making this great product. The smell of liquid as is a smell you have ever experienced unless you have bought some. It is worth the money.