Tex-ASS Single



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One (1) bottle of our Tex–ASS novelty stink spray. Product Description: Tex–ASS is a two–stage smell. At first it smells like a BBQ. But then the ol' familiar ASS smell starts to take over. To experience fully our Tex–ASS product, we highly recommend the streaming tip bottle. The Tex–ASS streaming tip bottle streams out silently in a nearly clear liquid. At first, it smells like a caterer has just walked through with a dozen BBQ rib platters. After 10-15 minutes, the BBQ smell begins to dissipate and the ol' familiar ASS stink starts to take over. The end result is a a powerful smokey, butt smell that can last for hours. Apply Tex–ASS to any surface. Simple application instructions are printed onto the bottle or read through our Suggested Uses page. The Tex–ASS mister bottle provides an intense and accelerated BBQ to ASS smell. We recommend the mister bottle if you are at a friend's or beloved relative's house.